Planning An “Over The Hill” Party For A Friend? Make It Special With These Tips

When a friend is "over the hill" and past a certain age, they can start to become less than enthusiastic about celebrating their birthday. To cheer them up or help them to feel better about embracing another year, you might take on the task of planning a birthday party for them. Use the advice below to plan something that will be special for them and everyone who attends.

Get Out of the House

To create a special event instead of a boring party, the first thing you may want to do is to find a special venue. Instead of having the party at your house or your friend's house, seek out a great environment. Whether it's somewhere as fancy as a banquet hall or a place as simple as the local roller rink, getting everyone away from their home can set the stage for a night that promises to be exciting.

Give Cheap Novelty Gifts

During the party you're probably going to want to give your friend a birthday gift. This can be a challenge as you both grow older, as they might seem to have everything. Not only that, but after paying for the venue and food, you may not have much left over in your budget. That's why cheap novelty gifts can be better than anything else. Finding strange and unforgettable presents is easier than ever because the internet offers an endless number of websites that offer gifts that are kitschy and clever. Whether you give them a silly hat, a t-shirt with a funny slogan on it or present them with a newspaper from day they were born, you are sure to find something that they're thrilled by without having to spend too much.

You can even make the event more fun by picking up cheap novelty gifts for each guest who comes to the party. Party favors, noisemakers and other affordable items will make the party great for everyone.

Celebrate the Past

Someone who's getting older might be apprehensive about the future, but they are likely to have great memories of the past. To help them celebrate their birthday, you may want to recreate moments in their past that were memorable and cherished. For instance, if you know they enjoyed their senior prom, you may want to have a prom theme complete with clothing and songs from that era. If they loved disco music, have everyone wear leisure suits and make sure you get a disco ball. When you're able to remind your friend of fun times from the past, they may be happier about the present as well.

These suggestions can be a great foundation for a birthday celebration no one will ever forget. Enlist friends and loved ones to help you come up with more ideas that your friend will love.