Finished Building Your New Home? 2 Finishing Touches You Can Add To It

Building a new home is exciting and if your home is finished you likely have everything that you want. There are some finishing touches you can add to it, however, to make the home look even better to you. Below are two of these finishing touches to help you get started.

Dress Up the Door

If your door has the standard doorknob, you can ramp it up by changing it out. There are many doorknobs on the market today that you can choose from. Instead of the standard gold or silver, choose stainless steel or polished chrome. You could choose polished brass if you like the antique look, or for a more contemporary look you can choose from brushed metals.

Another thing you can do to ramp up your door is to use nails that have large, decorative heads, known as clavos. This adds a rustic touch to your door.

There are decorative straps you can place on the face of the door. This gives the door the look of decorative hinges. Decorative straps generally have an iron finish and may come in a rough black or a smooth black.

Add Window Boxes

You can dress up your windows by adding window boxes and planting flowers in the boxes. This works great during the flower growing season, such as from spring through the fall months.

You can paint the flower box any color you like. For example, many window boxes are tan or brown, and you can paint them white. You could also go with color and choose something like a dark orange, coral, salmon, or yellow.

You can choose from wood window boxes, metal boxes, and PVC boxes that imitate the look of wood. Natural wood is most often used for window boxes, however.

Decide on the colors you want for your flowers, and go to a garden center to purchase them. Purchase flowers that are low in maintenance to make it easy for you. You could plant flowers that will spill over the side of the window box, such as petunias, vinca, and lobelias.  The garden center employee can help you choose flowers that will grow well in your area.

You can use fake flowers, if you prefer, and change them out with the seasons. There are many fake flowers on the market that look like the real thing.

Once you finish with these two tips, think of some other things you can do.