Backyard Garden Decorations That Don’t Require Electricity

If you're looking to add some decoration to your garden, but don't want to go through the bother of running wires underground to power electrical lights or motors, then you should consider some items that don't use electricity. There are plenty of items on the market that don't need to be wired to an electrical outlet. This will free up the locations where you can put the items. So, with that in mind, here are some different decorations to consider. Some will utilize solar power, while others require no energy at all.

Colored Glass Sculptures

One of the most beautiful ways to improve your gardens visual vibe is to get colored glass decorations. A popular design is a glass globe positioned atop a stick. The colored glass will look beautiful in the sunshine. You can get a decoration that incorporates multiple small sticks with small globes atop each stick, or a single large stick with a large globe if yo want to use it as a central piece in the middle of your garden.

Garden Mirrors

If you have a small backyard garden and are looking for a decoration that can also make the area look larger, then a mirror is a perfect choice. This idea is particularly great if you have a small fenced in backyard. You can hang the mirror on a fence wall and it will reflect back the green of the garden and give the illusion of more space.

Even if you do have a large garden, and it's not fenced in, mirrors are a great decoration. You might even want to get mirrored style wind chimes and hang them from a tree branch, or a garden arbor. This way, the chimes will not only sound beautiful, they will reflect out the sun's rays and cast a sparkling brightness to the garden during the day.

Solar Powered Outdoor Water Fountains

If you like the idea of something that moves and are also looking to bring the energy and beauty of water into your garden, then solar powered outdoor water fountains are perfect. Moving water is gorgeous, but the problem with so many of the water fountains that you see is that they require large electrical setups and underground lines to be laid that run back to the main power source. This can cause a big disruption to your garden. So, if you're looking for that water feature, but don't want to dig up the garden and bother with expensive electrical bills, opt for a solar powered solution. These fountains will use the sun's own energy to pump the water. So, you get the same gorgeous effect, without having the high bill every month that comes with an electrical fountain. It's also much more convenient because you can place it anywhere you like since there is no need to lay wires.