Purchasing An Essential Oils Diffuser

If you've become interested in the current essential oils trend, you may already know that you like the smell of peppermint, lavender and other oils that can be applied and diffused. Having a diffuser of your own in the house can make the entire space smell great, but you might not be sure which of the many units out there is best. Use these suggestions.

1. Know What Space You Want the Diffuser to Affect

If you only want the scent of the oils to fill a particular room, a small diffuser will do nicely. The more space you'd like to affect, the larger of a diffuser you'll need to purchase. Most manufacturers describe the dimensions of the space a particular diffuser can work for. You might need to purchase more than one for diffusing to be effective if you have a very large home.

2. Know What Kind of Water A Diffuser Uses

Not all diffusers work well with tap water, Some of the minerals in tap water can damage components in the diffuser, so they could require distilled water or spring water. This can be an extra expense for you over time, so ensure you check for each of the models you see.

3. Be Wary of Using Different Brand Oils in Certain Diffusers

Some diffusers are made by companies which also sell oils. At times, those diffusers are incompatible with other oils because of the carrier oils and chemicals in other oils. Putting the wrong oils in the diffuser could damage it over time. This is not a problem for all diffusers, however, so ensure you inquire before you purchase.

4. Know How Long the Diffuser Will Diffuse

You might want a steady stream of diffused oil scents for some hours; for example, if you go out for the morning, you may want to walk back into the house and smell a peppermint and lemon mix. You may only want to diffuse lavender at nighttime and don't need it to run all night. Choose a diffuser that lasts as long as you want it to.  

5. Check Out Top 10 Sites

Because you may not know about different features and benefits of various diffusers, it can help to see what others think and to find out about the experiences others have had with different diffusers. Top 10 sites can be vital in this respect; often the top 10 diffusers on a site will have extensive reviews that you can peruse and compare.

Diffusers are a fantastic way to enjoy essential oils. Use the information and respected top 10 sites to make a choice