Two Pieces Of Furniture That Should Be In Every Granny Flat

If you're like many modern homeowners with a parent or set of parents who have entered their golden years, you've thought about the possibility of adding a granny flat to your existing home or otherwise making room for your parent or parents in your house. Aging in place is quickly becoming the option of choice for both seniors citizens and their adult parents, particularly for those seniors who simply need a bit of extra help with their daily routine. If you've reached a decision to go this route, you undoubtedly want to make your senior's living space as comfortable and safe as possible. You probably already know, for instance, that throw rugs can pose a slip-and-fall danger for many elderly people and that bright ambient lighting is a must, but there are also things to consider when purchasing furniture for a granny flat where an elderly person or couple is going to live. 

For instance, you should shy away from buying anything with vinyl upholstery—it's slippery, and those whose reflexes have slowed down over the years often aren't quick enough to stop themselves from taking an unexpected spill. Look for furniture upholstered in microfiber instead. You should also scale the furniture to the size of the person who will be using it the most. A short elderly person may have problems getting out of a deep couch that is low to the ground, for instance. Take your senior shopping with you when the time comes to go to the furniture store. 

Following are two major items of furniture that should be in every granny flat:

A Good Recliner 

Many seniors need to keep their legs elevated as much as possible to promote better circulation, and a good recliner offers an ideal way to do this. Recliners are also good for relieving back and neck pain as well as aching joints. Make sure the recliner is easy to operate—some seniors find traditional recliners difficult to work if they've got arthritis in their hands, so consider getting a recliner that comes with a remote control. 

An Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed allows users to decide on which sleeping position best suits their individual needs and preferences and may be particularly helpful for those who suffer from circulation and breathing problems. It is best to get one that is remote-controlled, and be sure to choose one with a padded headboard. 

Also, when choosing tables, bookcases, and dressers, opt for those with rounded edges—bumping into sharp corners is no fun at all! Whatever the style of the furniture you’d like to include in your granny flat, visit a local furniture store like Modern Home 2 Go and you are sure to find several styles and options.