Home Security Features For Senior Citizens: Three Options To Consider

When it comes to caring for your parents or other older family members, you want to know they are safe when you aren't there. Upgrading the security features in your loved one's home can go a long way toward giving you both peace of mind. With the help of your locksmith, you can install user-friendly security features that can help keep your family member both safe and secure in his or her own home. Here are just some of the options to consider.

Keyless Locks

Keyless locks can be easier for some older persons to open, as traditional keyed locks can be hard to manipulate. This is especially true for people with limited mobility in their hands. A keyless lock requires only the use of a passcode, which can be written down and kept in your loved one's wallet in case he or she forgets the numbers. An added benefit is that you can pair a keyless smart lock to your smartphone. In the event that your loved one is unable to remember or enter the passcode, you can simply unlock the door remotely using your mobile device.

Video Doorbells

Unfortunately, there are people who prey on the elderly, and this sometimes includes people posing as door-to-door salesman or repair people. With a video doorbell, your loved one can see who is at the door without ever having to approach it. If the person is a stranger, your family member can choose to ignore the person at the door without ever having to engage in a conversation. Some video doorbells come with intercom capabilities, which means your loved one can ask the person why they are calling without having to come to the door. Be sure that the video doorbell is connected to a security camera system so you can review footage later if suspicious persons are visiting frequently.

Panic Buttons

If your loved one already has a security alarm system in place, ask about adding panic buttons to the security plan. These buttons can be pendants your loved one wears while at home, or they can be hardwired buttons situated near the bed, toilet, and kitchen. In the event of a fall or a break-in, your loved one can press the button to get emergency responders on the scene. Your locksmith can help with the hardwired installation for these buttons as well as other security features throughout the home.

There are many other security features to consider as well, so be sure to discuss all available options with locksmiths like Bob's Lock & Key. From security cameras to motion detectors, the right security features can help your loved one feel safe at home.