Exploring And Ordering Granite Countertops

Whatever material your current countertops are, it could finally be time for something new. If you're willing to splurge on granite countertops because you love how it looks, but don't feel confident enough about your knowledge to make selection easy, these countertop details are helpful.

Get Thick Slabs

Varying thicknesses are on the market for a mix of different purposes. Excitement over getting granite for less than you expected could lead you to approve thinner slabs. However, understand that thicker pieces aren't only more durable, but will also not need to be replaced as quickly as thin pieces. 

When selecting thicker slabs, however, ensure that thinner slabs haven't been glued to each other in an effort to create the illusion of thickness.

View Actual Slabs

Any showroom is going to feature highly polished, beautiful slabs for you to view. However, once you've decided that granite is your choice, realize that authentic granite isn't exactly uniform. The slabs arriving via delivery may look nothing like the pieces you were impressed by in the showroom. The only way to be absolutely sure what will be mounted in your kitchen is to pick them by hand. Granite yard visits may be vital.

Ask for Lot Number

Each slab will have unique shading, color and markings. However, you can have slabs that match in marking and color if you ask about their lot numbers. A single chunk of granite will be cut into pieces, and they should all be part of the same lot. If possible, seek slabs with identical lot numbers if you'd like the countertops to look as similar as possible.

Consider Darker Pieces

While lightly colored pieces may seem beautiful to you, remember that the countertops will be handling pots, dishes, liquids and other things. In a few years, your gorgeous light countertops could easily show a history of spills and other damage. Giver darker slabs a chance and think about how they might look in the kitchen. Of course, no matter what's chosen, remember to have a protective resin poured on surfaces to deter spills which otherwise could sink into the middle layers of your granite and look unsightly.

Remember Permits

Your municipal offices might need notification and completed applications before your countertops are installed. Fines will almost certainly be a factor if you refuse to investigate this issue.

With this guidance, exploring these surfaces and having them installed will be satisfactory throughout the process. Consultation and communication with area retailers will result in the best results for all your countertops.