Tips For Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner’s Compressor

An air conditioner has a lot of different parts that work together to get the job done and keep your family cool. One part of your air conditioner that probably works the hardest is the compressor. This part contains a motor and other components that is responsible for compressing your refrigerant. Without a properly working compressor, your A/C's refrigerant will not be able to do its job and the incoming air will remain warm instead of getting cooled. If your air conditioner is blowing hot air (or not blowing anything at all), here are some tips that might get the compressor running again.

First, Turn It Off

Before we begin, let's start with a quick safety tips. Never, ever touch your air conditioner's compressor while the unit is operating. In fact, you shouldn't even take off the cover until the unit is unplugged. Trying to troubleshoot your AC while it is turned on could lead to you getting a shock or it could lead to you accidentally damaging something else by bumping into it while it's trying to work.

Check the Wires

After the AC is turned off, you can start by looking at the wires around the compressor. Because a compressor contains a motor that drives various other parts, it's entirely possible that a wire has gotten jarred loose. Reconnect any wires back into the proper spot if needed. If a wire is frayed or damaged, you might want to contact an AC services professional to either get a brand new wire or a brand-new compressor installed.

Check the Capacitor

Inside your AC's compressor is another part called the capacitor. This is the device that sends an electrical signal to the compressor's motor to get it started. A good analogy would be the alternator in your car that works to make sure your battery has enough juice to start your car's engine. 

If the AC is blowing warm air, the capacitor is often at fault. This is sometimes also accompanied by a humming sound, which is your system technically receiving power but not enough to get the motor going.

Clean It Up

it's also possible the problem could just be that you haven't cleaned your unit in a while. If the compressor has too much dust and dirt getting in the way, it could become difficult for the motor to move the necessary parts. This could also cause the entire system to overheat, which will make it impossible for the refrigerant to do its job.

If you are experiencing a problem with your AC's compressor, check all internal parts including the wiring and the capacitor. For best results, contact professional AC services like J C Heating & Cooling for assistance.