New Outdoor Furnishings For Your Upscale Hotel

Bistro sets, chaise lounges, daybeds, and patio sets will encourage your hotel guests to spend ample time outdoors while vacationing at your upscale hotel. If you have recently had a new pool and bar combo installed on your hotel's property, choose some furnishing methods that will be a welcome sight to weary travelers or sun-loving guests who would like to relax on their own or mingle with their family members or new acquaintances.

Uniform Or Defining?

Do you plan on allowing your guests to access all of the outdoor areas without needing to check in with a staff member? if you have a wide-open area to work with and would like to promote an alluring atmosphere, choose furnishings that are constructed from the same material and that contain similar colors or patterns.

The design and pattern that you present can be symbolic of the region that your hotel is located in, such as tropical prints. Another option is to choose a wrought iron ensemble that adds a quaint touch to the patio or to select bright colors and patterns and laminate or cotton materials to add a modern touch to the setting. If you are going to set up separate areas, both poolside and along the side or front of the bar, you may want to define each area by using furnishings that are vastly different.

Choose waterproof lounge chairs and dining sets for your guests to use while seated poolside and add wooden dining table and chair sets to the bar area. Install a canopy in the dining area to provide your guests with protection from the sun.

Fade Resistant And Waterproof Pieces Or Protective Coverings?

Purchasing new furnishings is a big investment, especially when you are buying a lot of separate pieces to accommodate your guests. If you want to avoid needing to replace the furnishings every few years, look for pieces or sets that are constructed of fade-resistant materials that are waterproof. If you don't want to pass up a fancier furniture style and the pieces will be prone to damage if they get wet or if they are left out in the sun, reserve these furnishings for the bar area.

One additional way to protect the furnishings from wear and tear and to ensure that each piece can be cleaned easily is by investing in some furniture coverings. Leave the coverings on the furniture at all times or use the coverings on days when inclement weather is inevitable. 

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