Add a Seaside Vibe to Your Kitchen and Bathroom

The sand, majestic ocean waves, and a tiki bar that is surrounded by glowing torches may be your recollection of an oceanside resort and its calming tendencies. Use your memories to refresh kitchen and bathroom cabinetry in your residence, providing each area with a relaxing vibe that will make mealtime or bathing sessions more comforting.

Distinct Outlines or an Expanded Palette

Your vision can be exhibited by using two colors of paint that will provide each cabinet door with a distinct color that is framed by another color. Both colors can be symbolic of a seascape and will add either subtle hues or bold ones, which are reminiscent of that theme. For instance, for a striking ocean representation, choose a deep blue acrylic or matte paint color and choose a white, grey, or taupe one to outline the cabinetry. Muted hues will also be sufficient and can include a sea foam green-colored paint color or a sky blue shade that is highlighted by a pastel yellow or off white paint color. For an expanded palette, which incorporates much of the items inside of a room, to attain a seaside likeness, choose several colors and use varying tones, to come up with an expanded palette. Maybe you would like to add a backsplash that contains a textured surface that is the color of sand and pair it with a new countertop that is a blue shade and cabinetry that is painted a bluish-green color. Use decorative features inside of each room, to aid in selecting paint colors or other materials that will be suitable for the ocean theme. A new lighthouse statue or a basket that is full of seashells will stand out and promote the other items that are upgraded.

A Paint Variety That is Durable

Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry often gets dirty on a routine basis, especially when a lot of cooking is underway and many hands are opening and closing cabinet doors. If you are hiring a cabinet painter, inquire about some washable paint varieties, which will be easy to maintain and that will sufficiently cover the cabinets, to conceal minor imperfections that are already present.

Older cabinetry that is weathered will benefit by a flat or textured paint variety and newer cabinets can withstand a glossy or a matte paint type. To further embellish the cabinetry with your chosen theme, choose new door handles or knobs that feature colors that remind you of a seascape. You can also look into custom cabinet painting for more ideas.