Tips For Using Non-Selective Weed Killer For Your Gravel And Lawn Maintenance

tips for using non-selective weed killer for your gravel and lawn maintenance

When you want to improve the condition of your yard and its landscaping, you need to look at the right installation practices and maintenance management to keep your gravel pavement, lawn, and other vegetation looking sleek and well-groomed and installed in the right manner. From pavement installation to weed prevention and elimination, a good non-selective weed killer can make a big difference in your yard's appearance. Here are some recommendations to help you have success with gravel pavement installation and yard maintenance with the right weed and grass killer.

Prepare For Gravel Pavement

The area where you are preparing for a new gravel pavement surface will need certain preparations to level the site, remove weed growth debris and large rocks, and to add in a drainage base layer for the gravel's foundation. Along with this soil preparation you don't want to forget to address any weeds and weed seeds that are likely already present in the soil. For your gravel paved area to succeed, you don't want to have any weed growth around the edges and throughout the gravel's surface. Gravel covering an area can become compacted and make it nearly impossible to pull weeds root and all from the soil. 

So, instead, you need to treat the soil with a non-selective herbicide to kill any new growth and also any existing seeds that can germinate later. Apply the weed and grass killer over the entire surface of the area to ensure full coverage. A weed killer that has been tinted blue can help you apply it over all areas.

A non-selective weed and grass killer is going to be ideal for the area you are treating because any type of vegetation growth is going to have a negative impact on the gravel area. You won't want lawn or crabgrass, which are both non- broadleaf plants, to grow within your gravel, but you also want to prevent all other broadleaf weeds from growing.

Maintain Your Landscaping

Your non-selective weed killer is also helpful in maintaining the appearance of your landscaping throughout the year. In the springtime, you will have weeds emerge first as some of the beginning shoots spring from the soil. Applying a non-selective weed killer to the shoots will treat them and their existing root systems. 

Once you apply the weed killer to the emerged tops, the weed killer will travel down through the plant and stop the growth of the roots, which is necessary to prevent the regrowth of the weeds. Be careful when you apply it in or around your lawn because it will kill off the lawn if it makes contact with the plant.