Moving Trees Safely And Efficiently With Machine-Mounted Tree Spades

Trees are an essential part of your landscape, and if you have a lot of trees on a property that you can relocate, it is crucial that you use care and give the tree the best chance of survival. Using loader-mounted tree spades is a great option, especially if you are moving many trees around the site. 

Tree Spade Systems

The loader-mounted tree spades commonly used to move large trees are a system of three to four blades that raise and lower with hydraulics and a frame that supports the system. The frame has a hinge on it that allows the operator to open the frame, position it around a tree, and then close it to position the spades around the tree properly. 

Once the spade is in place, the operator will carefully slide the spade blades down into the soil around the tree. The loader-mounted tree spades are strong, and when the blades are all down, they create a basket around the tree roots and the soil, allowing the operator to lift the tree, the root ball, and the soil from the ground in one smooth movement. 

When the loader-mounted tree spades are correctly used, the root ball is protected during the transplant and the tree stays in the original soil, so it has the best chance of survival after the move. It is essential to get the right size spade system for the tree, but most manufacturers that make these systems make spades from about fifty inches to around one hundred inches, and they can tell you which ones you need for the trees you are working with. 

Creating Holes

The loader-mounted tree spades that you are using to remove and transplant trees on a property can also be used to dig the holes that the trees are going into. The shape and depth of the hole created will be a near-perfect fit for the tree going into the hole, and the operator can set the spade with the tree in it directly into the hole and then release the spades, leaving the tree, soil, and roots in the hole.

Equipment And Mounts

Larger loader-mounted tree spades need the loader's strength and weight to balance them and carry the weight of the tree and the soil, but there are smaller spade systems that you can use on smaller trees. Skid steer–mounted systems are available, and the small size and maneuverability of the skid steer can make it an excellent option for planting small trees in tight spaces.

To learn more, contact a resource that carries loader-mounted tree spades.