Double-Pane Window Condensation Repairs

Double-pane windows provide better insulation compared to single-pane windows, but they can develop damage that leads to condensation problems. 

Causes of Failure

Double-pane windows can fail for a variety of reasons. The most common is likely age. As the window reaches the end of its useful life, the seals begin to fail and the insulating gas between the panes escapes. Weathering can decrease the lifespan of the window, as exposure to rattling winds and frequent moisture weakens the seals. 

The seal can also fail due to outside damage. Slamming windows closed, for example, will eventually break the seal. Improper installation that leads to a loose window may also cause seal damage. Lack of maintenance, such as allowing the tracks to get dirty so the window must be forced opened or closed, is another issue that can lead to damage.

Signs of Damage

One of the most obvious signs that the double-pane seal has suffered damage is condensation trapped between the glass. The condensation may be present at all times, or it may periodically dry and leave spotting between the panes that cannot be cleaned away. 

Rattling is another sign that the seals have failed or are in the process of failing. Window panes should be secure enough that they do not make audible rattling noises when they are closed, during high winds, or when a nearby door is slammed shut. If your windows rattle or if you feel drafts or water leaks in around the glass, then the seals have likely failed.

Repair Options

It's possible to repair damaged double-pane windows to prevent condensation build-up and leaks, but some of the insulation qualities of the windows will be lost. If you want to maintain insulation levels, then the only real option is to replace the windows with new ones.

Repair begins with replacing any damaged seals and reglazing the windows if there has been glass damage. The repair service will then drill a small nearly invisible hole in one pane of each window. A special solution is forced through to remove any water spotting between the pains. Air is then forced through to quickly dry out the remaining condensation for a spot-free finish. Finally, a one valve is placed over the hole, which allows moisture to escape but not enter between the panes 

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