5 Ways To Prep For Grass Delivery

When you are ready for a new lawn, sod is the way to go for instant green. A grass delivery service can bring you just what you need, but there are some steps to take to make sure everything goes to plan.

1. Order Early

Whether you deal with a supplier or directly with a sod farm, the process is similar. The order is placed and the sod must be cut and bundled. By ordering in advance, you can be sure your sod is freshly cut for you, which improves its viability. Further, this also ensures that the provider can plan to have sufficient grass in stock to cut the needed amount for your order. 

2. Prep In Advance

Once your sod arrives it must be installed the same day to ensure it doesn't die. The best way to get this done is to have everything prepared for the sod ahead of time. In the days before delivery, any old turf should be removed, the soil must be tested, and fertilizers and amendments tilled in. This way all you have to do is roll out the sod on installation day.

3. Have a Plan

You need to plan out the day of delivery and installation if you don't want to chance running out of daylight while there is still grass to plant. Your delivery service should give you a fairly accurate delivery window. Ask for a window early in the day to maximize sunlight hours. Then, write out a plan for all the tasks you need to do both before and after delivery, and make sure you have all the necessary tools and equipment available in advance. 

4. Stage Delivery Safely

Don't overlook the delivery process itself. Sod is usually delivered on a larger vehicle, such as a flatbed truck, so make sure you have an accessible way for the vehicle to back into a driveway or park on the street. Choose a delivery "staging" area for stacking the sod before planting. The ideal place is out of direct sun but easily accessible as you work. A tarp on a driveway or patio works well, with the tarp acting as a barrier between sod and concrete.

5. Prepare for Surprises

Things don't always go as planned, so have a backup plan. If you can't finish installing the sod by the end of the day, you must take steps to protect the unplanted grass strips. If they are already in a shaded area, you can simply cover them loosely with a tarp overnight and resume in the morning. If possible, roll out each remaining strip and mist it lightly with water so the sod doesn't dry out.

Contact a grass delivery service if you have questions about installing a new lawn at your home.