Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs Repair

A sprinkler system that's in good condition supplies your plants with adequate water during the dry season. However, as your sprinklers get old, they become susceptible to damage. Therefore, frequent sprinkler repair may be necessary. However, you may not always know when to repair your sprinklers. If you're not sure that your sprinklers require repair, here are the signs that should guide you.

Dirty Water Release

You should use clean water for irrigation to prevent the blockage of your sprinklers. Also, contaminated water may negatively impact your plants' health. Therefore, if your water is usually clean, and you suddenly notice dirty water coming from your sprinklers, then your sprinkler system is compromised. For example, your sprinkler system may have holes or cracks that allow contaminants like soil to mix with your clean water. Sprinkler repair is essential to seal the cracks and holes, enabling a continuous clean water supply to your plants.

Soaked or Dry Patches

An efficient sprinkler system supplies water evenly in your yard. Hence, if you see some dry patches or pools of water in some sections, this indicates a problem with your sprinkler system. For instance, the valves may be damaged, causing your sprinklers to release excess water, resulting in pooling. Likewise, damaged or clogged valves could cause the sprinklers to release insufficient water, leading to the drying of some plants. Sprinkler repair may be necessary in such cases to ensure even watering.

Water Pressure Fluctuations

Every sprinkler system supplies water under a certain pressure to satisfy your lawn's water needs. However, when the sprinklers leak, they may cause pressure reduction. Likewise, a clog, corrosion, or mineral build-up may cause your sprinkler system to supply water under abnormally high pressure, which may quicken the wearing out of your sprinklers. In this case, sprinkler repair entails removing the foreign objects that may be clogging the sprinkler system. This ensures the supply of water at the correct pressure.

Off-Target Water Delivery

The correct sprinkler head settings allow sprinkler heads to supply water to the intended areas. Thus, if your sprinklers spray water off-target, there's probably a problem with the sprinkler heads. For instance, the heads may be clogged or worn out. Fortunately, sprinkler repair helps fix broken sprinkler heads and unblock clogged heads. This way, your sprinklers direct water to the intended sections of your yard.

The signs that your sprinklers are due for repair include off-target watering, pressure fluctuations, soaked or dry patches, and dirty water release. Consider consulting sprinkler repair services when you see these indicators.