Setting Up An Aquarium In Your Home

An aquarium can be an excellent addition to your home, and setting one up is not overly complicated. Finding the right equipment, fish, and accessories is easy, and with a little research, you can have your aquarium up and running in no time. 

Pick the Size of the Aquarium

The first thing you need to do is to choose the size of the aquarium you want in your home. The best place to start is with the placement of the tank. Look around the room, decide where you want the tank, and take some measurements to determine the space available for the tank. Once you know how much space you have, you can look at some tanks at the local pet store or aquarium supply and pick one that will work in your space. The size of the tank may be in gallons, but it will also have the dimensions on it so you can determine if it is the right size for your needs. 

Fresh Water or Salt Water

You will need to determine if you want a saltwater or a freshwater aquarium in your home. Both types of aquariums have their benefits, but the saltwater tank is harder to keep because the saltwater environment needs precise balance to keep the fish healthy. A freshwater tank is also sensitive, but it is much easier to deal with, so if you are setting up your first tank, it is the best option. 

Set Up the Tank

Before you fill your tank with fish, you need to set it up and get the environment inside the tank ready for the fish. The water needs to run through the filter for several days so that the pH of the tank is right. You can buy a pH test kit to test the water and determine when it is ready.  Take your tank home, set up the filter, heater, and add your rocks or accessories and then fill it with water and let it run. Once the water is ready, it is time for the fish.

Choose Some Fish

Once the tank is up and running, you need to choose some fish for your tank. The number of different fish available gives you many options. Some species are harder than others and easier to keep. You can visit the pet store or aquarium supply to pick the fish for your tank, and to get some suggestions about the type of fish that will best suit your needs. 

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