Are You Decorating Your Young Son’s And Daughter’s Bedrooms?

Have you recently moved into a new house? Or, perhaps you are redecorating your children's bedrooms in the house you have lived in for quite some time. The fact that you are getting to plan the decor for both a son and a daughter will just add to the fun, won't it? From window treatment design ideas to enhancing the bedrooms in other ways, here are some ideas that might help you:

Your Son's Window Treatment

Start with the window treatment and go from there. Have you considered using plantation shutters? The great part about plantation shutters is that they will go with any decor you select for the present, as well as the decor that you'll create even when your son is older.

Plantation shutters are not only attractive, but they're also affordable and easy to maintain. What kind of bed does your son have? For instance, if he has a brown headboard, think of selecting brown plantation shutters that will go well with the headboard. On the other hand, if he has red bunkbeds, white or even red plantation shutters would be great. 

Maybe you'd rather go with fabric curtains for your son's room. If so, consider something like red or blue denim. Another idea is to choose a masculine plaid pattern for the windows. Think of the tie backs you'll use. For example, if you go with denim, think of using lots of colorful shoelaces as the tiebacks. If you went with plaid, choose one of the colors in the plaid design and use a contrasting but complementary of ribbon for the tiebacks. 

Your Daughter's Window Treatment

The same goes for your daughter's room. Plantation shutters in a girl's room can be very versatile. Think of selecting white wooden plantation shutters that will go with colors like lavender, pink, or yellow. As your daughter gets older, the wooden shutters can be painted to go with new decor. One of the great things about plantation shutters is that they will last for a very long time.

Would you rather have fabric curtains in your daughter's room? Think of the colors you'll be using for her bedspread and select fabric that will complement that color. For example, if you went with a lavender bedspread, think of buying a floral design that has lavender or even purple as the main color of the design. Gingham would be another great choice, especially if you are going with an old-fashioned style for your daughter's room.

As you select other enhancements for your kid's bedrooms, just go with the things they love. For example, if your son loves dinosaurs, hang posters of different types of those huge creatures. If your daughter loves everything princess, go with princess items for her decor.